Intervention in Public Spaces: Flowering Dreams

The project ›Intervention in Public Spaces: Flowering Dreams‹ consists of sowing the seeds of plants, both wild and cultivated, on private and public spaces and fallow land, where they will flower and create new vital living space for honey bees (bee meadows) in Hamburg.

Every citizen is invited to take part and consciously intervene in the public area and shape it for nature and for humans. The honey produced stands as a symbol of spiritual nourishment and gives us the strength to intervene at other levels of the public area and so help to shape the social sculpture – a task in which every person is an artist.

As this project is focused on Hamburg, we are sorry that we do not provide an English website.
Nevertheless, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
  Sponsoring institutions:

Anstiften! 50 Impulse für Hamburg / Körber-Stiftung

Vladi Private Islands

Project executing institution:
Freie Kunstschule Hamburg - FIU e. V.